Massages that Reboot your Nervous System and Restore your Zest for Life

You do so much for others. You give so much to the world. You are so much.

You’re our inspiration!

And now it’s your turn to receive. At Pauseful, we give you permission to take a moment to nurture your body, mind and soul.

What better place than along the stunning Oregon coast in the charming town of Manzanita?

What better hands than those of people who honor your full life and above all want one thing: to support you being you.

The world needs you!

We offer three ways to take a pause from your busy life:

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Pauseful Massage

Reconnect to your vibrant self
with Intuitive Massage.

Whole-Being Massage

Honor your inner knowing
with Mind-Body-Heart Integration

Aroma Botanicals

Uplift and inspire
with nature's gifts.

Why Pause?

People function better – physically, mentally, and emotionally – when they set time aside to tap into their bodies’ natural wisdom and receive the nurturing they need.

You might live a full, content life, but it’s difficult setting aside time for yourself.

You might be stressed and exhausted, pulled at from many directions by the pace of modern life.

Or you’re simply a little overwhelmed, needing to connect with your deeper self in order to focus on your goals from a fresh perspective.

Whatever the case, you can’t keep giving your all, you can’t keep going and going, unless you recharge your energy and realign with the inner joy and clarity that make you so great.

So decide to Pause today. Pause to honor your busy life, pause to honor yourself, pause to honor your future endeavors.

Reconnect with your whole self. You’re worth it.

  • Everytime I get a massage with Christina I float away on a cloud. ~ Charlene Gernart

  • I feel as if my body has been rejuvenated – not from the outside in – but from the inside out. ~ Gail Young

  • The result is an enlivening of your cells and your soul. ~ Ariel Wolf

  • Not only was I relaxed and peaceful but Christina helped me address issues I’ve had for decades! I will use the affirmations she gave me to feel this way the rest of my life! ~ Alison P

  • Bows of gratitude for the deeply spiritual nature of her work and the healing-blissful experience. ~ Kenneth Enright

  • We need more practitioners like her in our hectic world to help us remember how to relax! ~ Jeremy Sappington