Pauseful Botanicals will Reconnect You to You

Take care of yourself, so you can continue to take care of others.

Induce euphoria. Invoke heart joy. Balance energy. Invigorate your life force.

Our synergistic aromas are artfully blended to support your desired states of being.

Our Botanicals


Uplifting. Encouraging. Heart joy. Seeing through the lens of gratitude. The original immune booster blend. For wellness support, apply to lymph areas around the throat, chest and abdomen. Bergamot, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, thyme and love.

Forest Spirit

Grounding. Able to see the big picture – like a tall tree overlooking the forest. Contains many powerful pain relieving tree resins. Apply often to sore muscles and joints. Opens root and third-eye chakras. Cedar, juniper, fir, vetiver, clary sage, sage and love.

Earth Spirit

Comforting and grounding. Opening. Connects the daily to the divine. Balances active (yang) and receptive (yin) energies. Softens the mind so the heart can experience the beauty. Apply daily to legs for increased circulation and reducing inflammation. Myrrh, cardamom, ylang ylang and love.


Warming. Invigorating. Energizing mood enhancer for the morning. Helps get your life force flowing. Removes blockages. Detoxifying. For immune support rub on neck and belly. Ginger, lemon, lemongrass and love.


Calming. Induces euphoria. Overall chakra balancer. Unites body and spirit from root to crown chakras. Increases clarity. Apply as a facial moisturizer to rejuvenate dry, mature skin. Naturally anti-inflammatory. Frankincense, vetiver, rosemary, lavender and love.


Motivating. Able to appreciate the abundance. Helps clear negative emotions. Detoxifying. Apply to abdomen to aid digestion. Fennel, grapefruit, cypress, juniper, geranium and love.


The goddess blend. Sweet. Nurturing. Unconditionally loving. Encourages emotional and hormonal balance. Opens the heart chakra. Holy basil, lavender, clary sage, rose geranium, ylang ylang and love.

  • Everytime I get a massage with Christina I float away on a cloud. ~ Charlene Gernart

  • I feel as if my body has been rejuvenated – not from the outside in – but from the inside out. ~ Gail Young

  • The result is an enlivening of your cells and your soul. ~ Ariel Wolf

  • Not only was I relaxed and peaceful but Christina helped me address issues I’ve had for decades! I will use the affirmations she gave me to feel this way the rest of my life! ~ Alison P

  • Bows of gratitude for the deeply spiritual nature of her work and the healing-blissful experience. ~ Kenneth Enright

  • We need more practitioners like her in our hectic world to help us remember how to relax! ~ Jeremy Sappington